No-one in Australia has more experience than IAS in undertaking major relocations or major projects. We have moved large collections comprising up to 20,000 artworks, objects & artefacts with an average annual volume comprising of 8,000. Of course, no job is too small - we specialise in the relocation of the most modest collections every week, at various locations around the country.

What makes IAS unique is the ability to understand the task at hand. This involves effective communication with customers and assigning the right team to plan and handle the variety of works to be relocated.

Testament to this is IAS' long association with the Biennale of Sydney - the largest exhibition of art in Australia. IAS has successfully managed logistics for this bi-annual event for over 20 years, which for one exhibition had involved the transportation of 150 artists' works from 50 countries to various locations across Sydney and back post event. At no stage over the 20-year relationship has a deadline been missed or any works damaged – a reputation we at IAS are proud of.

For further information or expert advice, contact National Manager for Storage & Major Projects, Jeremy Mundey: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..