My Role
IAS: Art Storage Registrar
Garde Robe: Wardrobe Manager

Why I like working within the arts industry
This industry has given me the opportunity to view many incredible works of art and meet interesting people that have shared their knowledge of the arts with me. I have also been given the opportunity to travel to numerous cities and significant galleries during my career.

Why I like working at IAS
Enjoy the challenge and diversity of managing multiple collections
Being involved in establishing our new garment storage business – Garde Robe
Working with all the IAS teams

Overseas art galleries I would most like to visit
• State Heritage Museum, St Petersburg
Guggenheim Museum, New York
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

My self-portrait would include
A pensive expression, a renaissance headdress, a sleeping cat on my lap and a vast landscape in the background, including many sailing ships

My hobbies / interests
Art making, cooking, travel, vintage clothing, fashion from the 40s and 50s