You get what you pay for

The old adage suggesting “you get what you pay for”, certainly proved to be true in the moving of my Father’s estate from Holland to Australia.

From the original team who collected the shipment, to the team who made the delivery today, it was fantastic seeing real ‘pros’ in action.

Both teams were exceptional, in their professionalism and friendly service.

It was wonderful to hear the IAS team compliment the outstanding job which was done in Holland in the way it was all packed, as they ‘surgically’ removed all the bubble wrap leaving nothing to chance and being super careful in their handling.

They commented on how incredibly well, with amazing precision, the 2 crates were made in Holland, to ensure there would be no damage.

In short, I’m truly amazed that considering there were so many very fragile items there was not a single item damaged.

Everything was accounted for, and perfect.

Thank you all, and your wonderful teams in ensuring all my dad’s things would arrive here safe and sound.

When next there is a need, or someone needs a referral, you are on the top of my list…..a service worth every penny when everything arrives in tact!

Thank you.