domestic transport questions

domestic transport questions

Q: Are my artworks insured whilst in transport?

A: They can be, however it is the responsibility of you, the owner, to insure individual artworks whilst in our care. If required we are happy to arrange insurance for you through our licensed insurance broker.

Q: Are my artworks safe in transit?

A: Yes. Your artworks will be handled by our specially trained and experienced art handlers at all times whilst in our care. All of our vehicles are company owned and operated and importantly we do not sub contract any transport services.

Our modern fleet of custom designed climate and non-climate controlled art vehicles incorporate hydraulic tailgates lift devices, air ride suspension and GPS satellite tracking which is monitored, 24 x 7 days a week, meaning at any given time we know the location of your artworks.

Q: Do you sub-contact transport services to third party providers?

A: No - IAS is the only artwork logistics company in Australia which is able to transport your artworks to anywhere in Australia using our specially trained and experienced art handlers and modern fleet of custom designed climate and non-climate controlled art vehicles.

Q: Do you have climate controlled vehicles?

A: Yes - Our modern fleet of custom designed art vehicles offer world leading temperature and humidity control systems, (21ºC & 50% relative humidity) which are the optimum atmospheric conditions for art transportation.

Q: What parts of Australia do you deliver to?

A: IAS can service 100% of Australia geographically. Our domestic art shuttle network, linking Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin, North Queensland and Perth. These services operate on fixed schedules, and are a cost effective option to move single works of art and small exhibitions, between the major metropolitan cities and regional centres.

Q: Are your vehicles environmentally friendly?

A: Yes. Our new art vehicles have the latest Euro 5 engine technology, which reduce noxious emissions to 0.3% of the level they were for similar vehicles, 20 years ago, with a dramatically reduced carbon footprint.

Q: Will I be notified when my artworks are being collected or delivered?

A: Yes – Our Operations Department will phone you on the afternoon prior to your collection or delivery to advise you of the anticipated arrival time (2 hour window) of our staff.

Q: Will I receive proof of the collection or delivery?

A: Yes. Our in-house, Art Information Management System (AIMS) software program, will instantly send to you via email a signed copy of the proof of collection and delivery documentation as each activity is completed.

Q: Do you offer a track and trace solution?

A: Yes. IAS is able to track the movements of artworks under our control via our in-house, Art Information Management System (AIMS) software program.

As your artwork moves through the collection and delivery phase (e.g. collected from your residence, loaded onto our vehicle, delivered to a destination address or into a temporary storage location) our art handlers scan the artworks barcode, via a hand-held barcode reader, which uploads and updates into AIMS, in real time.