international transport questions

international transport questions

A: They can be, however it is the responsibility of you, the owner, to insure individual artworks whilst in our care. If required we are happy to arrange insurance for you through our licensed insurance broker.

A: Our International Department is able to transport your artworks in and out of Australia from all countries of the world. We are also able to assist you with all import and export documentation and offer advice on custom duties and taxes.

During our 35 year history in moving artwork around the globe, IAS has also developed long standing relationships with trusted partners around the world who, combined with the in depth knowledge of our International Team, provide us with the experience and local knowledge to ensure your artworks arrive when and where they are intended, and at the most competitive rates possible.

A: Yes - IAS has offices in Seattle USA and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. IAS has the ability to transport your artworks globally, door to door, providing you with peace of mind.

A: Yes - All members of our international team are, Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) accredited, which grants card holders tarmac access to every major airport in Australia, meaning that our staff are able to supervise the loading and unloading of airfreight consignments.

A: Yes – If you intend to transport artwork overseas, the crates must be constructed by a ISPM15 compliant and certified manufacturer for quarantine purposes.

Our packing, crating and installation division TED Fine Art is registered compliant

with the Australian Wood Packing Certification Scheme (AWPCS), which enables them to manufacture and stamp ISPM15 compliant crates.

If art crates are not ISPM15 compliant and certified the consequences may include refusal of entry and mandatory return shipping, compulsory Quarantine treatment or destruction, with these additional costs being at the shipper’s expense.