we're open and here to assist

Our staff are on deck to assist with all your art logistics requirements including art transportation, packing, crating, installation, relocations, international or storage. They are at the ready to provide you with quotations and advice for your future projects and exhibitions.

We realise it has been a trying period for the entire Arts Industry, so we are here to assist you to get up and running and be part of your recovery. We want to be ready for you when you are.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Throughout COVID-19, the health, safety and wellbeing of our team members, clients and the Australian community has always been our top priority.

All our staff continue to be vigilant with social distancing, sanitising, hygiene and the wearing of protective gloves and masks when dealing with our clients. We have added daily temperature checks of all employees to our routine and anyone showing symptoms of cold or flu will not be permitted to work.

We will continue to follow the expert advice of the Australian Health Authorities.

Art Shuttle

If you have a need to move artworks around Australia, our art vehicles have clearance at all State Borders. Our domestic Art Shuttle service is currently operating on a modified schedule. We will return to a full schedule as demand lifts and we will add additional services as required to meet market demand.

To Contact Us

Our staff are ready to serve as always, and are available on:

Sydney 9667 1077
Melbourne 9329 6262
Canberra 6232 9773
Brisbane 3890 7422
Perth 9249 5376

With the support of each other, we will all get through.

Take care and stay safe and we thank you for your patience and perseverance.

Kingsley Mundey
Managing Director