our international team

Ingrid Button

International Manager/Exhibition ACT

Originally from South Africa, Ingrid has over 37 years of international logistics experience. She has exceptional attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of air and sea freight import and export logistics.

Rhys Mitchell

International Exhibitions Manager SYD

Rhys was born and bred in Australia and has 12 years international logistics experience, 10 of those within the arts industry. He has extensive experience in shipping exhibitions around the world either by air or sea.

Clayton Sochacki

International Exhibitions Manager

Clayton joined IAS after 14 years at Global Specialised Services, where he was Senior Exhibitions Coordinator. Clayton enjoys delivering International touring exhibitions and thrives on the logistics component in making sure that all segments deliver the most efficient and effective outcome. He also gains personal satisfaction by being able to provide workable solutions to the logistics challenges that present during the course of exhibition programs.

George Boubeta

International Logistics

With 27 years of international museum logistics experience, there is little that George hasn’t done over the years.  He has an intimate understanding of the load capacities and loading procedures of aircraft. George also has a strong network of connections within the airport community. George is fluent in Spanish. 

Victoria Ramirez

International Logistics

Originally from Argentina, Victoria now calls Australia home. She has over 14 years’ experience in international logistics and prides herself on her attention to detail. Victoria is also fluent in Spanish.

Carlos Quintas

International Logistics

As the newest member of our international team, Carlos has a great attention to detail, and strong customer service focus. Having spent 5 years at IAS within our domestic business, Carlos is well versed in the local packing, crating and transportation aspect of our international service.  Carlos is also fluent is Portuguese.