New IAS Exhibition Vehicles – “The best you can get”

The first of our state of the art Exhibition Vehicles is currently enroute from Darwin. The vehicles are as good as it gets in long-haul exhibition transport anywhere in the world.

The vehicles feature world leading temperature and humidity control climate systems, (21ºC & 50% relative humidity) GPS satellite tracking, air-ride suspension, and state of the art security systems.

The level of driver and courier comfort and onboard safety systems, using the latest in technology is far superior to that what has been previously experienced.

The latest Euro 6 engine technology reduces noxious emissions to 0.3% of the level they were 20 years ago, dramatically reducing our carbon footprint.

The cargo area walls and roof materials are thicker and seamless in construction, meaning they provide greater protection from the elements. The internal tie rails are installed in such a manner that they ensure that artworks do not come in contact with any hard surfaces, whilst in transit. The actual cargo hold area can accommodate artworks to 270cm in height, allowing the safe handling and transportation of larger artworks than has ever been possible.