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Contact IAS Domestic

IAS Sydney
PO Box 803
Mascot NSW 1460

T: +61 2 9667 1077
F: +61 2 9667 1609

IAS Melbourne
PO Box 377
Tullamarine VIC 3043

T: +61 3 9329 6262
F: +61 3 9328 4843

IAS Brisbane
PO Box 3172
Darra QLD 4076

T: +61 7 3890 7422
F: +61 7 3890 7433

IAS Canberra
PO Box 6324
Queanbeyan NSW 2620

T: +61 2 6232 9773
F: +61 2 6299 6347

IAS Perth
PO Box 1986
Malaga WA 6944

T: +61 8 9249 5376
F: +61 8 9248 2823

Contact IAS International

PO Box 803
Mascot NSW 1460
T: +61 2 9667 1077
F: +61 2 9667 1609

Contact IAS Packing, Crating & Installation

T.E.D. Sydney

PO Box 803
Mascot NSW 1460
T: +61 2 8988 7520
F: +61 2 9667 1609

T.E.D. Melbourne

PO Box 377
Tullamarine VIC 3043
T: +61 3 9688 2201
F: +61 3 9687 0558

we move fine art around australia

Are you looking for a company to transport your precious fine art?

IAS is Australia’s leading provider of fine art logistics solutions, and the only truly national fine art logistics company, offering a full array of services.

With specially trained, experienced staff and a fleet of custom designed climate or non-climate controlled art vehicles, IAS will collect, carefully pack and securely transport your artworks anywhere – locally and across Australia.

IAS offices are strategically located across Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth, which enables us to service 100% of Australia geographically, via our domestic shuttle networks.

All of our vehicles are company owned and operated and importantly we do not sub-contract any transportation services, meaning that IAS are always in complete control of your artworks, providing you a true door to door service and peace of mind.

Our art vehicle fleet features:

  • Climate (21ºC & 50% relative humidity) or non-climate controlled transportation
  • Purpose built art vehicles, with specially designed cargo areas to protect your artworks
  • Air ride suspension, which offers the smoothest passage
  • GPS satellite tracking, meaning at any given time we know the location of your artworks
  • Hydraulic tailgate lifts, for the safety of loading and unloading

At IAS we have the right moving solution to suit every occasion. We move artworks large and small, individual archive pieces and museum collections, all safely and in the time agreed.

Before you commit to your next domestic art move be sure to talk to usOr if you would like to submit a general enquiry or request a quote online, please visit our request a quote page and we’ll get back to you soon.

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