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our unique abilities extend beyond the everyday

No other fine art company in Australia has had more practical experience than IAS in undertaking major projects.

Whether you are planning for a major art exhibition, fair, public installation, an art collection relocation, or a major project that requires the special handling of delicate and valuable items under strict security protocols, IAS can assist you.

Our project team will work side-by-side with you to help refine the project scope at the outset, enabling us to better overcome project risks, gain efficiencies and reduce costs. This ensures each project delivery is based on clear objectives and agreed milestones.

Our in-house software technology provides our clients with full transparency and a comprehensive reporting mechanism, throughout the logistics process.

A selection of major projects:

Art Fair
IAS provides a total logistics solution to the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair – the largest art fair in Australia. IAS provides packing, crating, installation, on site storage and transportation services to over 60 individual galleries who come together from around the world to showcase their art.

Public Art Project
IAS Fine Art Logistics were contracted by the world-renowned artist Tracey Emin for the installation of 62 public space sculptures in the Sydney City Centre as part of the City Centre Transformation. The installation, Tracey Emin’s “The Distance of Your Heart” comprised some 67 bronze birds which were installed in 30 locations, including on heritage buildings and structures along Bridge & Grosvenor Streets in the Sydney CBD.

IAS project staff have also worked in collaboration with Heritage Council of NSW in finalising installation locations, techniques and fixings. 

Collection Relocation
Over our 30 years in business IAS has performed numerous relocations of corporate art collections, either as part of a scheduled artwork rotation or incorporated within the relocation to a new premise. IAS have specialised equipment to assist with the safe and secure movement of large artwork collections.

Before you commit to your next major art project be sure to talk to usOr if you would like to submit a general enquiry or request a quote online, please visit our request a quote page and we’ll get back to you soon.