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a leader in the packing, crating and installation of precious artworks

In 2006 IAS Fine Art Logistics acquired T.E.D. Fine Art, the largest fine art packing and crating company in Australia. 

TED are renowned for employing traditional art handling techniques and methods, to safely and securely pack, crate and protect precious artworks, ready for shipment locally or internationally.

Specialising in the design and construction of custom-made crating solutions, for any size of object, however large or small, TED ranges extends from standard one-way crates to the highest museum bespoke specification.

Every custom-made crates is engineered to preserve the unique characteristics of each artwork whilst in storage and in transit. Specialised materials are incorporated into the crate design to protect against the effects of shock and climate, and to ensure the safe and secure transportation and unpacking of any object worldwide.

TED employees are principally from museum backgrounds and have outstanding technical skills and experience in their field. Whether you have one artwork or an entire collection, TED staff will consider all packing and crating solutions available, selecting the most appropriate materials, designs and the method that delivers the best value for money.

If you’d like to know more about our packing, crating and installation services be sure to talk to usOr if you would like to submit a general enquiry or request a quote online, please visit our request a quote page and we’ll get back to you soon.